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What is a catalytic converter? What is the catalyst of a catalytic converter? What is the difference between “oxidation” and “three-ways’ converters? Can a bad catalytic converter cause a car to overheat? What causes a converter to become red hot? What causes a catalytic converter to become clogged? How much precious metal can you find in a used catalytic converter? How pure is the recovered metal – is it, for example, reusable for jewelry manufacture? Given the rarity and value of the PGM’s used in catalytic converters, has anything been done to find a cheaper solution? How to recycle my catalytic converter? How much does it cost to replace a catalytic converter? What are the symptoms of a bad catalytic converter? Can you fix a catalytic converter? Can you clean out a catalytic converter? How many miles does a catalytic converter last? How do you replace the catalytic converter? Can you bypass a catalytic converter? Why do you need a catalytic converter? What is the valuable part of a catalytic converter? How much is the metal in the catalytic converter worth? Where is the catalytic converter located? What would cause a catalytic converter to fail? What is an oxygen sensor? How can I create an account? What are used catalytic converters worth? How is their value measured? How can I find my catalytic converter's reference number? What happens if my used catalytic converters do not contain any precious metal? How can I add an ID to verify my seller profile? How to check your previous carts? How to send us a catalytic converter picture? How to change or reset password? Where can I sell my used catalytic converter? Can you use a used catalytic converter? How to cancel your subscription ? How often do we update the prices ? How to comply with shipping documentation? How to get invoices/receipts of my subscription? How to know if your converter is aftermarket? How to update your billing information? How to change your plan from Silver to Gold? How to add/remove your bank card from your account? The difference of Isuzu Rockets Why Ecotrade prices may be different from other catalogs? How to create a cart?