How to know which company is offering me the best Toll Refining terms?

Finding the right company to work with could be overwhelming, which company is offering the highest return in value for your material? What are the processing times? How long will it take to receive the payment? these are just a few of the factors to consider. We have made this task simple for you by developing our Toll Refining Calculator

To use our Toll Refining Calculator, you can simply enter the information of your material (such as weight, moisture percentage, and PGM content in ppm). In a matter of seconds, it can provide you with an estimated real-time value for your material under Ecotrade terms.

Furthermore, this Toll Refining Calculator allows you to compare estimated final returns under Ecotrade terms with terms from other companies that you might have in mind. You can enter the metal return rates, together with the different charges that companies might apply, and with one click on the “calculate” button, you should see the estimated return rates of both companies. Making the terms comparison process a lot easier.

With the right comparison tool and proper company screening, you should have a clearer view of the different offers you got, helping you make a more informed decision.