Concept and figures

Since 2006, Ecotrade Group has been involved in the collection and recycling of used catalytic converters. Through the recycling of spent catalysts, we recover Platinum Group Metals and contribute to the sustainability of both the automotive industry, and the environment. Thanks to our experience and our assays, we have built up a huge catalytic converter price book and we have now 12 locations around the world that process hundread tons of catalysts per year.

Partnership network diagram

Top 5 Reasons for joining Ecotrade Group


A large network

Ecotrade Group is expanding across all continents because we believe in network synergies, collaboration and experience.


An innovative approach

You will take your competitors by surprise by implementing a new business model.


An win-win agreement

We will provide you with many ressources and marketing tools that have made our success


A long-term support

Through our experience, we will provide you with a personal training and ensure continuous support throughout your development.


A profitable investment

Platinum group metals are becoming more and more scarce and the needs are growing so we are confident that the industry has a bright future.

The tools of an Ecotrade Partner

Business listing : We will list your business with your brand, logo, purchase team contact information.

Supplier Database : We will give you access to our CRM software and tons of leads in your territory

Mobile application : You will be able to officially provide Eco Cat App to your supplier with preferential conditions

Marketing Tools : We will activate a number of marketing tools to ensure that you don't miss any business opportunity

Tell us about your project !

Partner Profile

  • Company with +2y experience min on the market
  • Available premises with ability to test material
  • Willing to reconsider their business model

Route to become partner

Step 1: 1st contact

Step 2: Discussion on the business project and its viability

Step 3: Defining business model and scope of the partnership

Step 4: Signature of the contract between the two parties

Step 5: Training of the partner and release of our tools