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Ecotrade is a leading purchaser of spent catalytic converters and we have been recycling catalytic converters for over the last 20 years. Thus, we have built up a huge database of knowledge from which we have developed a comprehensive catalog that lists more than 20000 items, and increasing almost daily. Specifically designed to enable you to easily identify, in real-time, the price for scrap cats and, always, the price you see is today’s price - we monitor the market prices for all precious metals and adjust the cat prices accordingly. In conjunction with this catalog, which is constantly updated to reflect market prices, our experienced and conscientious purchasers personally visit premises to sort and assess the worth of used catalysts. This ensures that the buying process is transparent, honest, and fair. We are always available 24/7 and no order is too small – although, of course, there are financial benefits associated with larger quantities. A personal quotation can be provided and, once prices have been agreed upon, we will organize the collection. We guarantee, as well, speedy and full payment for the agreed value. For large quantities, we offer toll refining using our state of the art sampling process. We are renowned for our efficiency, friendliness, and sense of fair play and we believe passionately in providing first-class customer service, unequaled in our industry.

We have also developed the most advanced mobile app to identify catalytic converters through their features (codes, pictures, brands, ..) . Through this online catalytic converter price book, which comes with over 20,000 color pictures, you can conveniently look up the value of scrap catalytic converters either by car brand or catalytic converter manufacturers.

Clients' reviews

Main Boss

09/07/2021 via Google

Main boss

The customer service for Eco Cat is phenomenal. They are on top of it even in the early hours of their business day. I've had nothing but a good experiences with their customer service and have no complaints. I enjoy finding rare cats that they do not have pictures of and helping them out updating their database.

Jerry Block

04/15/2021 via Google

Jerry block

I recently discovered that catalytic converters have good scrap value due to their rhodium, palladium and platinum content but I never really knew how much, but the Eco Cat app has made it easier for me to find the value each catalytic converter carries and it has the Eco Cat news feature that let's me know how scrap catalytic converters are valued

Kulthum Higgins

03/21/2021 via Google

Kulthum higgins

It's fast and extremely reliable to work with made my business much easier. Wish I found this app sooner then I would have been much further in my business thank you for everything

Rani Salhab

03/17/2021 via Google

Rani salhab

Very efficient in prices and extremely fast 5 min response time from the app support team makes this app at the top list ! Awesome app and highly recommended

Brent P

03/11/2021 via Google

Brent p

Has a huge list of about 8 trillion of them... And staff help out with anything you need

Nikki Dekker

08/05/2021 via Google

Nikki dekker

Eco trade has been very helpful and user friendly and it helps me a great deal in my daily business operations.

Hope Farmer Wells

08/19/2021 via Google

Hope farmer wells

A great app for seeing the value of your catalytic converter. I used it to look up mine and I found it by the serial #, but additionally, their customer service emailed me back a bit later with the link to see their pricing for this part (since I had emailed them initially before finding it myself). I was glad that when Support emailed me back that they addressed my issue. I'm very satisfied with this app and the website.... really with this company overall! Keep up the good work Eco Cat(:

B Sexton

08/22/2021 via Google

B sexton

love this app they come closer than any other app on prices

Matthew Cavanagh

08/23/2021 via Google

Matthew cavanagh

This app tells you the value of any catalytic converter with ease , such a handy tool for all the scrap men out there wanting to know how much a certain model is worth, ideal if your a vehicle dismantler 5*

Primo Ramos

08/26/2021 via Google

Primo ramos

The service they provided me over phone was very great and helpful, easy directions to their website. I recommend them 💯

Rex Klebesadel

08/27/2021 via Google

Rex klebesadel

I installed the app for ecocat was kind of unsure about it. So i tried looking up a couple cats, it was after 4:00pm eastern time so they were closed for the day. but I kinda blew it off and forgot about it. Then the next morning i received a email from one of there sales people and instantly had a quote for my cats an almost twice as much for them for what my local cat dealer offered

Jesse Cockream

08/28/2021 via Google

Jesse cockream

Always. Happy to help look up a reff. And. Staff are amazeing never once have i had. A. Bad. Experience. Dealing with. This company. Wish i cold. Put another 5 star on top of 5. I already. Gave. Thanks.

Tony Samis

08/28/2021 via Google

Tony samis

The people from that site really know how to take care of its customers....

Lefa Damane

08/30/2021 via Google

Lefa damane

I am in South Africa and I must say that eventually our efforts are been compensated lucrative as a result of this wonderful and transparent app. I give two thumbs up for this one

Heather Olson

09/01/2021 via Google

Heather olson

Great app easy to use and great service i enjoy using this app everyday indont know what i would do without this great app