Fast settlement is a service in which you contract the payment for the content of precious metal recovered from your scrap catalysts, itself determined through an in-house sampling process.

Ecotrade offers fast settlement that provides payment based on an in-house spectrometry assay to determine the content of precious metal in your scrap catalytic converters and full payment is made in a matter of days. This process is much faster than toll refining and consistent for lots from 100 kgs to 500 kgs (i.e. 80 to 450 catalysts).

fast settlement process

As a leading recycling exponent, we are fully equipped to manage any sampling requirements for scrap catalyst recycling. Our sampling process is precise, measured and fully, transparently, documented.

The “Fast Settlement” service is available for both small and bulk quantities. We have in place a sampling system for small/medium quantities, allowing fast processing and carrying out sampling inline; our bulk sampling system is proven to process and extract material from spent catalytic converters with greater efficiency, faster speed, and lesser wastage than conventional bulk sampling systems.

Our technology can also be made available to customers who wish to manage their own sampling of scrap catalytic converters, in the full knowledge and confidence that our results are highly dependable.

Service available from 100 to 500 kgs

  • XRF Spectrometer Analysis
  • Documented results and calculation
  • Time effective process & quick payment
  • Cutting-edge lab technology
  • Down payment possible

Terms provided on request here