Determine the value of your converters

Our online catalog enables you to estimate the value of your old catalytic converters based on their content of precious metal.

Our prices are updated daily to reflect the material market value.

If you don’t see your catalytic converter in our database, contact us on our 24/7 support center

Submit your cart and schedule the collection up to 1000 kilos !

  1. Wrap your material carefully to prevent material crumbling and put it in a box that fits properly.
  2. Add your material to your cart and choose DHL home collection as shipping method
  3. Schedule the day of your collection by the shipping agent and submit your cart

Please note that the shipping cost will be deducted from the cart total return

Receipt and Payment

Once your package arrived at our factory, it will be processed within 3 days of standard processing time.

Why recycle with Ecotrade?

We are the leader in recycling spent catalyst, we have acquired a great deal of expertise in the recycling industry and earned a solid reputation for our professionalism, honesty, and transparency. No matter where you live in the world, Ecotrade will recycle your catalytic converters and give you the best service possible.

delivery process

3 steps to make it easier for you :

  • Ship up to 1000 kilos of material !
  • Wrap your material nicely and get it picked up
  • Get your payment after 3 business days

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