A small trained team of chemists is now responsible for assaying your material piece by piece for any non-listed material in our catalogue or uncertain catalysts.

From any country of the world, any individual or professional can send us some material to analyze.

You ship

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Pack your scrap catalytic converters and cut your scrap catalytic converters to the rim or decane them and take out the monolith

Thus, you can wrap your material in your own box and ship your material to our lab in Malaysia

No.12  Jalan Ch Light Industries 2A
71700  Pajam, MALAYSIA

Please note that you will have to support the cost of shipping wherever you live in the world.

We analyze

As soon as we receive your catalytic converters, our chemists will sample and analyzed your scrap to determine the exact quantity of precious metal.

We will give you the weight of your monolith and the content of PT, PD, RD (in ppm).

Then, we will proceed to your payment accordingly by PayPal or bank transfer within 2 business days

We are known for our accuracy, seriousness and efficiency; we are committed to provide every client with the service he deserves.

The service is now provided for FREE

For larger quantities, we also have our toll refining service !

Catalyst XRF assay

XRF (X-ray fluorescence) is a non-destructive analytical technique used to determine the elemental composition of materials. Our XRF analyzers determine the chemistry (its PGM content) of a sample by measuring the fluorescent X-ray emitted from a material. This is certainly the most frequently used methods for determining the composition of scrap catalysts. Quick & Reliable !

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