Our catalog prices have long been used as a tool for guidance and monitoring catalytic converter market but why the pricing may be different than other pricing guides catalogs?

Metal Market Information

The prices of platinum group metals, like any commodity, are essentially determined by both immediate/future supply and demand.

How Ecotrade prices your catalytic converters?

At Ecotrade, we sample and analyze catalysts individually on a daily basis to keep providing the most accurate data possible.

Being thorough as we are, we rely on our own data before any other catalog and we offer ICP and XRF analysis capability in-house in order to let our customers do their own check.

PPM content (and therefore pricing) can also vary between 2 exact same models of catalyst for various reasons :

  • Country where it has been manufactured
  • Local environmental regulations
  • Year of production
  • Climate (frost or arid)

Having taken this also into account, over-reliance on catalog prices can make you blind to other considerations such as altered/fake material, limited series with different ppm content.

At Ecotrade, we strive to provide you with the most accurate analysis and data based on the country you registered in. If you have any doubt about the price of a reference in our catalog, don't hesitate to report it to our team.

Our technical board will have a look into it to consider your report and we can analyze your material to support your report too.