Di Eco Cat News, kami sering menyatakan pentingnya kitar semula penukar pemangkin dalam menentukan jumlah platinum, paladium, dan rhodium yang tepat dalam kumpulan pemangkin tertentu. Selama dua dekad yang lalu, teknologi baru telah membantu memastikan bahawa industri ini menjadi semakin telus dan jujur , dengan aspek yang paling penting iaitu pengujian. Keupayaan untuk kecepatan dan ketepatan menganalisis sampel perwakilan pemangkin yang telah hancur menjadikan harga transaksi lebih cepat dan adil.

Pada hari-hari awal pengujian, sampel serbuk halus yang dihasilkan dari pengisaran sarang lebah penukar pemangkin akan dihantar ke makmal untuk melakukan ujian yang ketat. Walaupun ini tetap merupakan jalan yang sangat sesuai untuk dikitar semula, perkembangan teknologi yang lebih baru menyaksikan kedatangan peranti genggam XRF (pendarfluor sinar-X). Ini adalah instrumen analisis analitik yang tidak merosakkan yang menggunakan teknologi pendarfluor sinar-X untuk menentukan setiap elemen yang ada dalam sampel dengan mengukur sinar-X pendarfluor (atau sekunder) yang dipancarkan dari sampel ketika ia terkesan oleh sumber sinar X- primer. Dengan mengambil kira unsur-unsur yang ada dengan cara ini, ia menawarkan pengitar semula sejumlah kelebihan berbanding dengan kaedah pengujian pemangkin yang lebih tradisional.

XRF analyzer processHandheld XRF

Analysis using handheld XRF can be done in the field in a matter of seconds, instead of in a laboratory requiring highly skilled analytical professionals, thus significantly cutting the costs of accurate analysis. With the traditional laboratory-based testing techniques taking up to several days to complete, the handheld XRF also speeds up the process.  It also provides real-time compliance testing, including screening of incoming materials and outgoing finished goods, that is required for the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), Proposition 65, Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), and many other regulations.

There are now on the market a number of XRF devices, of which the  NITON XL3T XRF Analyzer and the Olympus Vanta Element-S Analyzer are reckoned to be amongst the best. Both have rugged and durable designs and excellent accuracy that is akin to laboratory results…


The NITON XL3T XRF Analyzer

Made in the USA,  The NITON XL3T XRF Analyzer was introduced in 2014 and is both compact and light in weight, (just 1.3 kg.), making it extremely convenient to use. It takes just 30 seconds to analyze a sample with the results shown on a simple to use, color touch screen display. It provides real-time compliance testing, including screening of incoming materials and outgoing finished goods, and has many features designed to improve productivity and profitability.

🟢A Standard Thermo Scientific Data Transfer PC software suite allows for setting operator, the generation custom reports, the printing of analysis certificates, and remote monitoring and operating the instrument hands-free from a PC.

🟢Integrated USB and Bluetooth™ communications provide direct data transfer to PC or networked storage device. 

🟢Optional accessories include a Bluetooth barcode reader, Bluetooth printer, and Bluetooth GPS.


The NITON XL3T XRF Analyzer


The Niton XL3T 950 GOLDD

As mentioned, these are just two versions and other manufacturers include Hitachi, Malvern Panalytical, and Bruker. However, we are big fans of the Niton XL3T 950 GOLDD, recommended because it offers:

🟢 Best calibration for auto scrap catalysts samples that Niton has optimized through years of experience

🟢 The best accuracy among all devices, deemed to be the reference point by leaders amongst catalyst recyclers 

🟢 Excellent after-sales service

🟢 First-class training provided by our team

🟢 2-year warranty

The NITON XL3T XRF Analyzer is available from US$ 26,990.

The package includes a waterproof carrying case, shielded belt holster, spare battery pack, and integrated GPS as well as the stand table.



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The Olympus Vanta Element-C Analyzer

Using proprietary Axon technology, Olympus Vanta Element-C Analyzer employs application-specific software to improve user productivity and deliver a quick return on investment. The technology uses ultra-low-noise electronics that enable high X-ray counts per second for fast, accurate, and repeatable results. Data export is simple via a USB flash drive, Wireless LAN, or Bluetooth and the analyzer is cloud-enabled. Its touch screen display is clear, bright, and readable in any light and the user can customize which features and functions are displayed on the main screen. Other features include:

🟢Ergonomic buttons and an industrial-grade, push-button joystick that make it easy to navigate with gloved hands.

🟢Embedded GPS to pair results with precise GPS coordinates for documentation and data mapping. 

🟢Streamlined reporting and archiving for exceptional data traceability

Olympus Vanta Element-VCA Analyzer

Olympus Vanta Element-C Analyzer






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Comparison between Vanta VEL-S,  VCA,  VMW & Niton XL3T 800, XL3T 950

Description VEL SDD VCA VMW XL3T800 XL3T950
Detector SDD SDD Large Area SDD SiPIN SDD
X-ray Tube Voltage 40kV 50kV 50kV 50kV 50kV
Resolution <140eV <140eV <140eV <185eV <150eV
Counts per Sec (CPS) ~90,000 CPS ~90,000 CPS ~100,000 CPS ~30,000 CPS ~80,000 CPS
Analysis range Both Light & Heavy Elements Both Light & Heavy Elements Both Light & Heavy Elements Only Heavy Elements Both Light & Heavy Elements
IP rated IP54 rated IP55 rated IP55 rated dust and splash proof
External Panoramic Camera No Yes Yes micro camera only
Export Function USB drive, Network Folder, microSD card, Computer USB to Computer
Perform Cal-check No, automatic cal-check before each analysis Auto system check
Initialization ~15-30 secs ~30 secs
Docking Station No Yes Yes Stand table
Spare window films 03 10 10 02 10
MiniUSB Cable No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Optional Fan No Yes Yes No No
Rh, Pd, Pt LOD ~20-30ppm ~20-30ppm ~5-10ppm ~6-16ppm ~5-10ppm

Whichever is your choice, it does require significant expenditure but all offer quick savings against laboratory testing for recyclers that have a regular throughput of scrap catalytic converters. Speedy, professional results will help enhance relationships with catalyst sellers who are looking for fast, accurate pricing.

Following a short training session that manufacturers and dealers usually provide free of charge, the Handheld XRF devices are simple to operate and certainly should be considered as a worthwhile investment for those committed to a long-term, professional and transparent business.