How to create a cart on Eco Cat App?

Below are instructions to assist you in creating a cart on your Eco Cat App

1.  Enter the search with the code found on your catalytic converter

2.  Add items to your cart, repeat again until you have added all items you want to sell.

DiagramDescription automatically generated

3. Click on your cart to proceed with the next step
4. Click on SELL to proceed to the ship method

5. Select "Delivery" as your shipping method then proceed to the "NEXT" button below

6.  Select "Swift" as your payment method and complete your bank details, then proceed to the "NEXT" button below

7. Verify if your personal details provided is correct, then proceed to the "NEXT" button

8. Verify personal and payment information given again, if everything is correct, proceed to SUBMIT CART

9. Click OK to complete creating Sale Cart, you will receive CART NUMBER #ECOXXXXXX to mark on your package before shipping to our facilities.

If you prefer to watch a video walkthrough of this process, check out the tutorial below.