Precious metals and currency rates

Metal Price $ / ounce Price $ / g
PT 1,043
PD 2,208
RH 16,100

Euro (EUR) 0.822798 €/$

Your standard amounts and results

Amount kg
Average moisture %
Content Palladium (dry) ppm
Content Platinum (dry) ppm
Content Rhodium (dry) ppm

Ecotrade’s core competency is the recovery of precious metals from spent catalytic converters. With this tool, you will be able to determine the return value for your bulk catalyst. Also, this will help you to compare various toll refining terms from different smelters or refiners.

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Refiner Ecotrade Gold
Currency Dollar ($)
Lotcharge 0 $ $
Treatment per kg monolith 2.40 $ $
Return rate Palladium 98 % %
Return rate Platinum 98 % %
Return rate Rhodium 90 % %
Refining charge  Palladium 290 $ $
Refining charge  Platinum 290 $ $
Refining charge Rhodium 1600 $ $
Freight charges (per lot) 0 $ $
Freight charges
Treatment per kg monolith
Refining charge  Palladium
Refining charge  Platinum
Refining charge  Rhodium
Metal losses Palladium
Metal losses Platinum
Metal losses Rhodium
Total treatment charges
+ Metal losses (difference to 100% RR)
Total costs
Costs per kg monolith
Value of the material per kg
minus costs per kg
Return per kg of monolith
Total return

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