In toll refining, you can contract the refining of platinum, palladium, and rhodium from your scrap catalysts for a fee, while retaining ownership of the refined material for final sale. To navigate this complex field, it is crucial to understand the terminology and conditions associated with toll refining. By gaining a clear understanding of these terms, you will be better equipped to comprehend the intricacies of toll refining and recognize its significance in various industries.



Precious metals containing material from ceramic, DPF and foil catalysts for transport vehicles, de-canned ceramic or foil cut to the rim, free from toxic and hazardous contamination."

Material that are contaminated with any toxic agent, or other chemical may not be recyclable in our facilities


"Delivery and Lot size:

Form will be used canned catalysts, de-canned monolith, or crushed honeycombs.

Lots larger than 500 pieces or 500 kgs of ceramic catalysts, will be entitled to Toll refining service.

Lots smaller than 500 kgs of ceramic catalysts can be entitled to Fast settlement service.

Lots smaller than 100 kgs of metallic/foil catalysts can not be entitled to sampling (purchase per piece)"

The quantity of material would determine the type of service we may offer.

"Delivery weight forecast in 2022 : 12 metric tons"

Moreover, we usually ask for supply commitment as we have to plan our supply and its production


"Treatment Charge

Following Treatment Charge shall be effective.

§ x.x USD/wet-kg-ceramic  (x.x USD/kilo of gross weight for foil catalysts cut to the rim)"

This cost is related to the processing of catalysts, it usually includes the milling, and can include decanning too

"For foil catalysts that are not cut to the rim, there will be an extra pre-processing fee of 1$ per kilo"

When it comes to foil processing, we usually use a chain mill technology and in order to maximize the recovery, the foil needs to be cut to the rim with as less steel as possible. Thus, if it's not the case, we have to manually re-cut each catalyst manually


"Weighing, Handling, Sampling and Assaying Charges

§ xxx.00 USD/lot."

As stated, this charge covers for the handling of the material, as well as the analysis and its sampling.


"Small Lot Charge

A separate lot charge shall be effective for lots smaller than 500 kg/lot.

§ 2xx.00 USD/lot."

Small lot charges applies as there are extra costs when we process, as we can't make economy of scale


"Metal Payments

4.1) Platinum (Pt)

Refining Charge:

Recovery: 9X% (Minimum deduction ** g/t-ceramic)

4.2) Palladium (Pd)

Refining Charge:

Recovery: 9X% (Minimum deduction ** g/t-ceramic)

4.3) Rhodium (Rh)

Refining Charge:

Recovery: 9X% (Minimum deduction ** g/t-ceramic)"

The return rate is based on how much metal we can return from the PGM content, as the smelting/refining process would never be able to recover 100% of the content, there are always metal losses.

Moreover, we apply a minimum deduction per gram of recovered PGM / ton of ceramic because tiny quantities of PGM are much more complicated to recover

"X00 USD / KG - Pt returned.

X00 USD / KG - Pd returned.

XXXX USD / KG - Rh returned."

Here we deduct the costs of the smelting (furnaces) and refining (chemical leaching) process



Platinum Ecotrade AM or PM fixing (no lease fees)

Palladium Ecotrade AM or PM fixing (no lease fees)

Rhodium Ecotrade AM or PM fixing (no lease fees)"

This is the price we are willing to trade PGM on your behalf, this is our trading desk price, updated 3 time a day to reflect the market and our understanding of it.


"Delivery Terms

a) Preferred packaging:

- Big bags, strapped on 4-way pallets with maximum weight of 2 mt and maximum height of 1,7 m

- Closed and sealed metallic 200L Drums, strapped on 4-way pallets

- Closed Gaylord boxes, strapped on 4-way pallets, one box per pallet

Packaging should be neutral and not referring to company’s name of Seller."

This is to secure the shipping and handling of the material during transportation and after receival.


"Pre-fixing and Provisional payment

a)  Upon agreement, after 3 shipments, seller may request pre-fixing of the metal prices for each Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. This pre-fixing can be done at earliest 10 business days before planned delivery day and shall not be less than 250g for Pt and Pd, 100g for Rh for each fixing order."

In order to cover for loss risk and price variation, we offer PGM Management and hedging services. We need to build a trustworthy business relationship in order to offer hedging before shipment.

"b)  The metal amount for pre-fixing shall not exceed 80% of the Seller's estimation and shall be mutually agreed in advance.

c)  Seller may order pre-fixing of each metal prices as a whole or a part on different dates, provided however, up to the metal amount mutually agreed in advance.

Seller must present the fixing order by written form on the same day of pricing date;

At latest 11:30 (11:30 AM) (UTC +7), for AM fixing.

At latest 16:30 (04:30 PM) (UTC +7), for PM fixing"


"Advance payment

Settlement time for all metals is 120 days, from the date of arrival at the factory. All metal sales before settlement date, will be subject to additional finance interest charges. The finance rate will be X.0% pro annum for Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. This finance rate can change depending on the market conditions."

The refining lead time for used auto catalyst is about 120 days. Therefore, this is the finance cost for advancing the money before the metal is physiclally available.


"Material compliance

Material should always comply with some specification"

The material compliance can vary from one refiner to another based on the smelting and refining technology, but it's always important to keep this in mind in order to avoid any penalty or rejection from them


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