Your old car may have reached the point where it is no longer running and only has scrap value. However, it pays to understand what its real value is. Indeed, did you know you could turn your scrap into cash? Probably that you might not even imagine how much individual components are worth! These are a few items that could boost the bank account as well as help the environment when it’s finally time to part with your old vehicle…


The parts you can recycle


Fenders (“Wings” in England) are the metal panels that protect the wheels and undercarriage, and when damaged can be expensive to replace. Thus, old fenders in good condition have decent resale value.



Bumpers, front and back, consist of a number of layers of aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and plastic, specifically designed to limit damage in low-speed accidents. This makes them an expensive assembly, and old, but undamaged, bumpers have good second-hand prices.



Doors, that provide protection from the elements, have good resale value, accentuated by the various door components - handles, window controls, lock/unlock features, mirror controls, etc. - all of which add value or can be sold separately.


Second-hand batteries

Second-hand batteries may not generate much cash, although they can be reconditioned which may add a few years’ life. However, recycling them enables them to remove harmful chemicals from the environment.


Windscreen Wipers

Windscreen Wipers are more expensive than you might think, and your second-hand wiper could be worth a reasonable amount if still in good condition.


Wheels, tires, rims

Wheels, tires, and rimes are all potential money generators, especially if your car has aluminum wheels.


Radios, GPS systems

Radios and GPS systems both offer good opportunities to generate additional revenue at scrap time.


Old motor oil, oil filters

Whilst not worth very much money, you can make clean and refurbish your old motor oil and oil filters and take them to an authorized recycling station. The environmental benefits are considerable.


Car’s catalytic converter

Last, but far from least, is the car's catalytic converter. It contains some precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium. These metals act as the catalyst in the process of removing noxious gases and pollutants from the exhaust. Whilst small in quantity, they have considerable value! Moreover, their recovery has major environmental benefits, by reducing the dependence on mining.


O2 sensors

As well as playing a key role in reducing exhaust emissions, O2 sensors are worth being recycled. Actually, all modern vehicles include an O2 sensor. In fact, it is responsible for controlling the oxygen to fuel ratio at an optimum level. Every O2 sensor contains platinum that acts as an efficient catalyst. It is due to its non-oxidization - at any temperature - and resistance to corrosion. Recycling of O2 sensors has, therefore, become both financially viable and environmentally important.


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