A few months ago the German Federal Administrative Court took the decision to ban various diesel vehicle from the traffic of several big cities like Düsseldorf and Stuttgart, we mentioned it in this article.


Of course, this action is very beneficial for Germany’s big cities, which see their pollution rate decreases. However, this decision only displaced the problem from one country to another.


We just move pollution problems in the EU rather than solve them“; Experts from the European Federation for Transport and the Environment


Indeed, since their ban in these big cities, diesel cars lose value among Germans consumers, who sell them. As a consequence, they now flood the market of second-hand cars. This is pleasing to countries in Eastern Europe like Bulgaria, Poland and Romania. Indeed, they will have access to solid, cheap vehicles, and rather recent because they are between 5 and 10 years old and have still a long life before them.


“The risk of Eastern Europe becoming the cemetery for German diesels is very real”, says Iavor Ivanor of CarStory.


The air of large cities such as Krakow or Sofia, which is already heavily loaded with fine particles, both cities have broken records in 2017 by the way, may worsen even more because of the import of these diesel cars that have removed the catalytic converter which is rich in precious metals.

The solution to the problem will be to ban the export of these diesel vehicles.