The Scandinavians have quickly become trendsetters in the field of recycling waste and manufacturing eco-friendly vehicles. Norway is a case in point. Indeed, it is currently the largest producer of oil in Western Europe. However, it is also the world leader in the electrification of road transportation. The information board on Norwegian Road Traffic announced in early January 2018 that more than half of new vehicles sold in the country in 2017 were hybrid and electric vehicles.


The Norwegian government has set the goal of selling only clean vehicles in the country starting from early 2025. To do so they have set a range of very advantageous tax measures for non-polluting vehicles. Moreover, they increased taxes of gasoline and diesel-fueled vehicles.


Sales of electric and hybrid cars have consequently drastically increased. Electric vehicles accounted for a market share of 20.9% in 2017; compared to 15.7% in 2016 and hybrid cars moved from 24.5% market shares in 2016 to 31.3% in 2017.


Electric car in Norway


Many advantages stimulate the clean vehicle market. Indeed, tax measured, discounts over ferries, parking fees, or highway support the acquisition of ecofriendly vehicles. Public demand for those goods has consequently peaked to the point that car manufacturers are having a hard time supplying accordingly and waiting lists are growing all over the country.


Thus Norway proves that a quick energy transition is possible and sets an example for the rest of the world to follow.

Source: Tarmut