On 18th March 2018, the first edition of the Global Recycling Day will take place.


The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) organizes this event mainly to build the awareness of international institutions, companies, and more broadly the general public towards the importance of recycling.

Every year, several billion tons of natural resources are transformed into consumer products. After a certain time, there will be nothing left of it. For that reason, it is necessary that recycling becomes a global priority for the future of the Earth.


We already know the 6 principal natural resources of the planet, namely water, air, coal, oil, natural gas, and minerals. However, what we still have to realize is that recyclable materials are not just simple waste, but the actual 7th resource of the world! This idea must be spread locally everywhere so that it is recognized by the leaders around the globe.


7 concrete changes The Global Recycling Day will highlight

  1. Stress the importance of legislation and international agreements
  2. Promote the sustainable trade of recycled products
  3. Educate the general public to the issue of recycling
  4. Agree on a common terminology for recycling (same definitions and messages)
  5. Make recycling a common goal, support the mechanisms and initiatives which help the households and the companies to recycle
  6. Start a collaboration with the industrial sector in order to support a “conception which integrates recycling” and the re-use of materials: decrease the amount of waste, focus on efficiency and eco conception
  7. Bolster innovation, research, and initiatives which favor better practices and technologies of recycling


Would you like to engage in the project? There are several ways to do so. To show your support, you can sign the petition launched by the President of the BIR by clicking on this link:

You can also talk about the event on social media and share all of your tips and tricks on recycling. To finish, if you have Twitter, you can go and follow the account of the event:


You get the idea: protecting our planet is a goal that is common to all of us, so the main purpose of these initiatives is to spread the word!