Belgium Strengthens Controls for Particulate Filters 🇧🇪

Posted by  Alice
28 May 2018 0 comments

In Belgium, an increasing number of companies are offering to remove particulate filters from vehicles; and this for just a few hundred euros. Estimations established that around 50,000 vehicles in circulation in Belgium do not have particulate filters, although all cars must have one initially.

The reason for this is quite simple: replacing the filter is more expensive to the drivers than just removing it. These companies have quickly seized this opportunity. Indeed, they now offer their services to remove the filter.

The problem is, though, that “a car which circulates without a particulate filter is 150 times more polluting”, emphasized government deputy Johan Danen.

As a remedy to this problem, Flemish Mobility Minister, Ben Weyts (see above) stated that Technical Inspection Centers will start a new test phase to check the presence of these filters, starting from June 2018. They will begin to test 700 000 cars by the end of the year (half of them coming from Flanders). Depending on the results of this first trial, they might extend these controls to all centers.

Weyts also noted that this test could as well detect the AdBlue fraud (making the engine-less polluting).